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Nikki's Cherry On Top

Neapolitan ice cream, cherries, cream and chocolate syrup? For Nikki, this isn't just a recipe for dessert, it's a recipe for sex, too. They're one and the same for a big girl who likes to indulge her sweet tooth while getting fucked. Even just ordering her ice cream over the phone has Nikki rubbing her tits in anticipation of the treat she's going to get. She starts rubbing her pussy and by the time her snack arrives she is ready to devour it. Only thing is, she forgot to order a banana with her ice cream, so she substitutes it with the bellhop's cock. After licking the sprinkles off his dick, Nikki introduces his wang to her wet pussy and takes him for a juicy, plump ride. Read More »
Featuring: Nikki Cars and Andy Mann
Duration: 26:43

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