» Boner Lettuce Tomatoes

Boner Lettuce Tomatoes

Featuring: Scarlett Rouge and Andy Mann
Date: July 3rd, 2020
Photos: 60
Scarlett may like her meals quick and easy, but she wants her cocks long and hard. She's a cheap date and a hot lay. Take her to the drive through and that BLT won't be the only thing going into her mouth. A hard cock is what she loves most after her first burger and before her second. As she devours the first one, Scarlett wants you to devour her tits. Let her sit on your face so you both can munch-she on her burger and you on her pussy. When you're done she'll get to work, lapping and sucking up your cock. Soon it'll be time for her second serving of meat, and she takes it in her pussy. Scarlett will ride and chew away until you're one thrust away from cumming and she's one bite away from finishing her burger. She's been saving it so that you can cover it in your special sauce.

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